Fluctuating Practices

adsense-income-fluctuationLooking at Bloom’s taxonomy made me think of how I used to manage my thinking skills. Am I consciously nurturing it or unknowingly neglecting it? Well I came to realize that I am doing both somehow which I labelled “fluctuating practices.” There are times I am so eager to enrich my critical and analytic abilities while there are also times I am not into any of it at all.

On the positive side, especially true when I feel determined to study well, I do devise ways on how Istudying can further advance my understanding of a certain topic. Say for example I am not that aware of the word or term I have just encountered, I won’t just find its meaning from the dictionary but I will do more. I after knowing what it means, I will then use it in a sentence, think of its synonyms, relate some previous experiences I had, analysing it further when it comes to application in certain situations, and so on. I sometimes include such terms in my “vocabulary list” (I had this list since 1st year college).

images (4)On the other hand, I also experience times when all I want is to rest and relax. So, if there is a “need” to study (say deadline for a particular course activity), most likely I will resort to shallow understanding and average output. Just last week, I am reviewing my statistics lessons of which some topics are very hard to capture. One thing I’m pretty sure that hinders me from using my critical thinking skills is when I don’t let myself think for the process of solving the problem situation and immediately go with the answers provided instead. I mean, I could have try and find out “how it is done” but due to some reasons (laziness I guess and being not in the mood) I chose to play the easy game. Well, I know I lost a chance of enhancing my thinking skills. Surely when I encounter similar statistics problem, I might have difficulty arriving at the right answer. But don’t worry because I will be returning to my “determined mood” with this matter. 😀 I know I can do better than that (self-efficacy). 😀

Finally, I can say that even with the choices that we make in everyday living could have an impact in our thinking skills. When it choosing-300x274comes to sports or hobby, choosing between chess and candy crush game distinguishes which one could help us think and analyze better. With the TV programs we used to watch, “teleseryes” and discovery channel show different things. Clearly, there are some practices that we used to do that may significantly affect the way we think. Definitely it’s more fun to enjoy life with these stuffs, but remember that our brains are subject to “disuse syndrome” which I guess nobody wants to experience.  😀 😀 😀

Keep going everyone! God bless!


5 thoughts on “Fluctuating Practices

  1. Hi Rhed! Having few more days left in EDS 103, i cannot help myself but to wish that it should be longer! :). Your posts are all very interesting! If i may, i will spend my whole day reading your blogs while sipping coffee. By the way, Arabic coffee anyone?

    • Thanks for that Brenda!

      Same feeling here. How I wish I could spend a week to read all of the blogs here. The stories particularly the reflections category amaze me at all times. Maybe we can have it done even after the course proper. Well, learning is always there. 😀

      By the way, let me regard your invitation for coffee seriously. Maybe the class can go out for a coffee or dinner some time. Just a bit of celebration I guess. The past weeks have been so busy for us. What do you think?

      Cheers! 😀 God bless.!

    • Sure, Brenda! I would love to have some coffee with you. 🙂 I could really use it right now.
      Yes, I agree that Rhed’s posts are very interesting and even entertaining. I love the humor that he adds to his posts. They always put a smile on my face. 🙂
      All the BEST to you too, Brenda, on the final exam.
      Take care.
      Glenda 🙂

  2. Hello, Rhed!
    Just wanna let you know that I have enjoyed reading your blog entries, and even your posts in the discussion board. You’ve shared GREAT insights! And you are very creative in the way you have expressed your thoughts.
    I spent the last 2-3 days on “blogging marathon”. 😀 I fell behind on my blogs. So tomorrow, I am going to take a day-off. I will stay away from the student portal and just spend the day with my family and then embark on the final exam.
    Take care and all the BEST for the final exam.
    Glenda 🙂

    • Thanks for the warm appreciation of my humble entries Glenda. Good luck in the finals! I am quite in trouble now. Hahaha… But I will try to finish the exams early so I can give myself quality time to read your posts and that of others. Keep going!

      God bless us! 😀

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