No Man is an Island

socialmediaAs I was browsing the previous module discussions, I particularly noticed this entry that is full of wit in explaining man as a social being. It was posted by George Rivera which I quote here as exactly written by him. It was entitled “Man is a social being.

“Every man comes from a certain social structure. Everybody comes from a family, the basic unit of the society. We came into being because of the social interaction of 2 people. How these two people thought of each other, how they felt and how they behaved in relation to the circumstances of their surroundings. Since the time we are about to be made by our parents, to the time we are in our mother’s womb, the time we are born, the time we grow and become old, we belong to a society that influences us in how we think and act accordingly. Where things are determined by the people we interact with, how this society where we belong thinks, accepts, frowns upon, glorifies… its culture and tradition.  How we carry ourselves and how to fit into this complicated structure made by man through its interaction and previous experiences.”social_media_clutter1

“Man is a social being, we thrive to belong. By this wanting to belong, the society, our environment exerts a great deal of pressure on man’s rationality that sometimes, totally defeats one’s way of thinking process and fundamentals. Our decisions change due to what our environment dictates us, we forego decisions because it is not in line to what our family wants, policies change because they are not in accordance to what the society expects. In all these confusion, man is also a thinking man. Man has the ability to change or resist whatever is exerted on him by its environment. Through this self-efficacy man can determine what path he wants to take or whatever the circumstance in life may leads us, we can manage and turn around and do what its best for ourselves.”

joining-handsAfter reading his entry, I came to realize how I form part of the society in general and of others’ lives as well. We used to hear that no man is an island which reflects our inner need for companion and support. However, majority of the decisions we make lie on the very soul of our hearts and intellect. We tend to seek what’s best for ourselves but it should be one that is not at the expense of others. After all, I believe that much of our efforts to build and improve ourselves are also anchored with the goals of reaching out to others.



George Rivera. Man is a social being. Retrieved July 7, 2013 from


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