My First Day in School: A Test of Memory

KstudentsRecalling my childhood experiences is a bit challenging but exciting one as I know myself being “makakalimutin.” I’m not good at memorizing long list of words but those unforgettable ones, whether the most embarrassing or the happiest moments are definitely intact in my mind. Since my early experiences in school were not that remarkable, I’ll try to recall those events as much as I can.  Let’s get it on!

My first teacher way back in Kindergarten I was Miss Matilde Relativo. I am not pretty sure of her middle initial but I think it’s R. To satisfy my curiosity, I went to my room and have my certificate of completion checked, oh my!!! It’s R! Well honestly, I just wrote imagesthe very first letter that came to my mind. They say that “hunches” are more often right, so trust them! Our classroom itself was so simple. It was a perfect square room painted light green with many graphics on the wall.

{342F2CA1-93E6-4A5D-A724-1523B6A2C3C0}We had two blackboards surrounded by alphabet cut-outs in creative forms. We used to sit in desk-chairs (I don’t know the correct term for that) in different colors. I can no longer recall what group (column) and row I was seated but I’m pretty sure we had 4 groups of chairs, each being occupied by two students.

With the routine that we’ve been doing in the class, I know we always start every morning with a memorized prayer I no longer know. After this was a greeting that goes this way “Good morning Teacher! Goood morning classmates!” Then Miss Matilde will allow us to have our seats and then proceed with her lessons. First topic discussed and activity done? Oh well, I don’t know despite minutes of recalling.preschool

Generally, the most memorable experience I had being a Kindergarten student was when I sang a children’s song and suddenly I forgot the lyrics of the song. Oh my! Until now I can remember the laughing faces my classmates exhibited during that time (hmmm… so insulting but I already moved on… really?). Sad part was, phineas_singing_single_by_ajmstudios-d3e9hegeven my teacher made a wild laugh. 😀 However, past is past and I totally got over as I am a good singer now (compensation???). At least I made myself memorable to them as well.

After writing and doing this activity, I realized that memory is really amazing in a sense that you can recall even those that are very remote events in your life. However, sometimes I wonder why not all life experiences can be easily brought into consciousness and present thinking? Some needs a couple of effort before finally remembering while others are fragmented no matter what I do. Well, partly it’s because of the physiologic capacities and limitations of our mind as well as the practices that each of us does that may either make or break our mind’s condition. By applying the things I’ve learned from this module, I know I can still strengthen this ability of mine.

I really enjoyed this activity! I’ll try to do some more of this! 😀 😀 😀


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