How I Wish…

imagesStudying is not an easy thing to do. It is indeed hard and laborious but can also be enjoying and addicting (really?). I regard my opportunity to attend school as a privilege since I know I’m lucky enough my parents are working hard to support me on this.  I have known a lot of people and friends who wish to do the same but financial constraints hinder them from doing so. Therefore, I always bear in mind that I have to do good in my studies as it will be an “insult” among those unfortunate people if will just take it for granted. Working on this, I grew up being serious and diligent with my schooling.

College work has been so stressful and demanding especially during my junior to senior years. Every time I look at my giant books imageswas a cause of paranoia especially when tomorrow is an exam day. Like most of my classmates, such books are the best sedatives for me. I really have to dwell on the boring long texts of medical-nursing books to understand the concepts behind and have some weapon for the following day.

More often than not, I felt so saturated with much information that I resorted to saying “Sana flash drive (USB) nalang  ako. Yung tipong copy paste nalang lahat ng mga information. O kaya naman eh memory card na pwedeng i-upgrade.” How I wish it is possible to supplement AI-lowresmy mind’s capacity of storing information for future use. Knowing that nursing requires memorization of drugs, analysis of procedures and rationale, demonstration of skills, among others, such invention if ever will surely be a breakthrough! But I know shortcut is not the best alternative for that matter. Instead of thinking and dwelling on the things I can’t, I focused my attention and spirit on the things I know I can confidently do. I have to say it’s a matter of believing in your own strength (self-efficacy).

Weeks and months gone by with such routine of endless studying. I created ways of enhancing my learning techniques by using mnemonics (though I am not fond of using this before), course outlines, simplified notes of important topics, and even mini-reporting of some lessons. I also initiated most of the group discussions to gather and share our ideas that truly led to better understanding of many concepts. Practice really leads to mastery and so we continued on those habits that helped us in our learning goals.

In the end, we may not be able to buy any “magic” that will make us think and function so superb like computers, but then we images (1)learned how to devise ways that will further enhance our natural abilities to acquire levels of understanding. Unlike computers which are subject to corruption of files, reformat and “crash” moments, our learned means of coping and handling learning opportunities will continue to serve us throughout life, provided that we continue utilizing them properly.


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