Two Heads are Better than One

imagesI used to prefer studying my lessons by myself. I think I can concentrate more if I have quality time in analysing and reflecting the lessons that we’ve already discussed. However, I know this wouldn’t work at all times. There are situations during which collaborative effort must be employed to arrive at the best suitable alternative and course of action.

images (1)Brainstorming for instance is one common scenario during my high school and college days. In fact, we used to do this among our major subjects that were really hard to understand. I remember I often lead the review session for psychiatric nursing, while my best friend took his turn in medical-surgical nursing. Though we were leading the group, we also serve as “facilitators” so that everyone’s ideas were considered and given recognition. It really did work! Most of us were surprised that examinations became easy for us since we gained further understanding through such activity. Admittedly, I also gained a lot from those who are considered by the class to be just average students (don’t find us judgmental please :D).

Likewise, I can still remember our Science Investigatory Project (SIP) and exhibit way back in senior high school. I believe the hardest part for this project is to think of the “title” or at least idea to work on. Most especially that previous batches have already brainstormingexhibited their good works, we were somehow left with few choices to consider. Couple of days have passed and still I wasn’t able to think of one. Good thing that at the end of the day, our adviser instructed us to work in group. And oh, I find it an answered prayer! I couldn’t imagine that one of the most silent students in our class had this brilliant idea on his mind. Without any second thought we all decided to work on that suggestion. Collaboration and mutual support came next that led us to the victory of becoming the overall champion for that exhibit project. In fact, our project was sent outside the school to compete with many other schools in Laguna.



These are just a few of those I can share about the significant impact of group work and cooperation. I still have lots in my mind but I know these are pretty common experiences that you guys might already encountered as well.  God bless and happy learning! Team spirit!!!! 😀 😀 😀


2 thoughts on “Two Heads are Better than One

  1. Hi Rhed! You know what, it was only in this course that I did realize the beauty of collaborative learning. Like you, I used to study by myself. Or maybe, I was just not in the environment that considers working with others as a good avenue for learning. Or maybe I was just to preoccupied with my own learning. Good thing our virtual classmates are very support. 🙂

    • Spot on Ryan! 😀

      Sometimes, things we never anticipate of happening just come along the way. It’s a bit weird but I appreciate the essence of teamwork and collaboration more as a DE student than when I was in the four corners of our classrooms before surrounded by many. I really feel the support that each of us is showing to one another. Maybe maturation plays a part as we learn to be more appreciative of the things we have.

      Glad that I met you so as others here. Way to go! Cheers! 😀

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