Rhed + Uncle = Scaffolding


I won’t forget the phrase “solve for x.” This is something I suppose almost always related to the subject algebra. And by this subject, I am referring to my 2nd year high school days.

In my previous posts, I did mention that I’m quite good in Mathematics. I have to say that from elementary up to high school, it was “forte”. But it doesn’t mean that everything related to Math seems so easy for me. Specifically, there are lots of problems or 3654348210_Math_xlargesituations in Algebra that really twisted my neurons. It was an uncomfortable feeling whenever I spend longer hours than expected just to solve a set of problem.


On the other side, I have my uncle who is very good in the same field. No wonder that he graduated Best in Mathematics from elementary to high school. Also not to mention the course he took up in college. He used to be my instant buddy whenever i find difficulty in Math subject. And I still remember how he helped me with many things. He never just answered the questions or assignments for me but rather “guide” me until I achieved mastery of it. For problems which I don’t really know how and where to start, he initially gives clue which for the most part I get at once. Then, he will assist me until the whole process if solving the equation is done. Likewise, we never worked on any of my assignment. He is very much willing to get his old books and give me other related examples which we will work on. According to him, I should be the one to answer my own assignment after I already learned the process, and he will just check it if it needs to be corrected.

In the story I’ve shared, I can say that my uncle served as the more knowledgeable other (MKO) who employed the con


cept of “scaffolding” in helping me learn my lessons. I find his help a suitable assistance in facilitating my abilities for the said matter. In fact, I was challenged to gather the solution for every sample problem he is giving me.

I know I can also serve as the more knowledgeable other for other persons and I am more than willing to help them with the best that each of us can give. God bless! 😀 😀 😀


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