Doctor Quack Quack: Disequilibrium

4913803-cute-looking-cartoon-illustration-of-a-doctorWhen I was in Grade 2 or 3, I had a deep vision of becoming a doctor someday. I believe most of the youngs wish to be the same. As early as those years, I had the basic understanding of who and what doctors are. I used to think of them simply as persons who are able to heal aliments and diseases.  As I learned from my parents and teachers, many years of additional studies are necessary to become a doctor (assimilation). Further, I also learned that they are different when it comes to their line of specialization/s. Not all doctors are surgeons, some are pathologist and others may be anesthesiologist. I then gained added information about the concept of doctors (assimilation).My aspiration of becoming one actually intensified. “I wish to be a doctor. I want to cure many people’s diseases.”

One time, we had a guest speaker in school named Dr. John Doe (obviously not his real name). He came in our school to present some of the important things that are deemed relevant for us to learn better. He even presented us books which we can buy to supplement our current lessons in class. As he went along, I had this “existing knowledge” in my mind that he, being called a doctor is the kind of professional I used to aspire of becoming one.dep_11936585-Funny-cartoon-doctor

lens17697538_1299017966BooksWarrenHowever, I experienced some “doubts” because he kept on lecturing or presenting us about the role of education in our lives when in fact I am anticipating him to discuss health-related practices as he is a doctor (disequilibrium). At the end of that day, I approached my teacher and asked about the visitor. “Di po ba ma’am, doctor po siya? Bakit po siya nandito at nagtitinda pa nang mga libro?” She then explained to me that the speaker obtained a Doctorate degree in Education who also deserves to be called a “doctor.” To cut it short, I realized that not all doctors pertain to those people who can be found in the hospital or clinics and help patients recover from their illnesses. Rather, they are appropriately known as “physicians” (accommodation). Since they finished their degree of doctor of medicine, they are then called doctors as well.

From then on, I was enlightened and so I corrected my previous understanding about the concept of doctors. I incorporated what I’ve learned and made necessary changes so that I can live with harmony and peaceful mind (equilibrium).Instead of wishing to become a doctor, I then wished to become a physician someday (though it already changed to becoming a noble teacher. :D)images


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