Rhed Meets Mr. Premack’s Principle

images (1)When I was young, I was really fond of computer games specifically the “super Mario” adventures. During that time, we don’t have any computer at home and so I used to go with my uncle’s house to play that game. More often than not, my uncle served as my instant playmate.

This strong desire of mine to play that game almost every day (during the summer vacation) was very evident to my mom. It actually gave her a hint on how I can be tasked to do certain things that will surely elicit a “yes” answer. My mom started making an agreement not only with me but also with my uncle. Her condition was that I 148391-famicom_introSlidePlaytime_Artwill be allowed to continue playing that computer game only if I’m already done with the assigned household chore. We actually grew up with “yaya” around us but then our parents still require us to participate in the completion of everyday chores. I particularly do the cleaning of my own room especially the bed making. So that’s it! I have to finish them all first before I can play with my uncle. He also talked with my uncle not to allow me to play without making sure that I finished what I supposed to do.3289556-940053-toddler-is-cleaning-room-with-vacuum-cleaner-isolated-on-white

images (4)Just because I really loved the adventure of Super Mario, I became so eager to finish what is required to win my privilege. Almost every day that this scenario was my routine. Until such time, I observed that my mom is increasing her “condition” for me to continue enjoying the “same” reward. She added helping our yaya in buying some food in the market in the morning before I can proceed with my play time. I had no choice then as I so loved my only hobby. Though I wanted to just rest and wake up late morning, I made my adjustment to accompany our yaya and have my room fixed. I can’t resist. The Premack Principle is really powerful. 😀 😀

Basically, this was just one personal experience that proves how the mentioned technique can facilitate an individual to be more productive by capitalizing on the stimulus that is obviously occurring frequently. On a final thought, I thank my mom and this technique as I become more responsible in prioritizing things that are “needed” over those that are just “wanted.”



Happy learning everyone! God bless us! 😀 😀 😀


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