Words of Second Chance

Social persuasion as emphasized by Albert Bandura can do serve as a powerful tool in making other people move beyond their capabilities. He asserted that we can help them believe that they have sufficient skills to succeed. Even simple words of encouragement can be so meaningful that an individual is convinced to work harder for his aimed goal.

nursingboardexam-thumbOn a personal account, I actually experienced lots of moments where I became so determined and focused towards achieving my aspired goals both in the academic and every day settings. More often than not, the people behind were my parents and my teachers/professors. Let’s also count in here my special someone who’s a constant source of inspiration and encouragement. 😀 However, let me share my experience on being the person who served as an instrument of social persuasion.

When I started working in a BPO company, most of us were fresh graduate nurses in the team (termed as “wave” in the workplace). As you would imagine, we’re part of those who are working in the said industry while waiting for the result of the licensure examination that usually takes 2-3 months.sad-girl

We were about 8 nurses there, and after almost 2 months of employment, the NLE results came in with 7 of us who passed it. Again, we were 8 graduate nurses in the group. In as much as we wanted to celebrate the fruit of our long hardwork, I know one of us is in pain. Literally, she was in pain as what we can expect among those who failed. It’s like “pinag-bagsakan ka ng langit at lupa” as imagesthey used to describe such circumstance. But more than her, I felt so sad that she didn’t make it- considering she’s one of my closest friends. She cried, I also did. I even asked God for bargaining, of just letting her pass in exchange of my being “more than a passer.” To me, my joy will be much complete when things will go that way.


To make it short, my friend exhibited an “absolutistic thinking” by which she generalized that she will no longer pass the board examination if she’ll take it again. I understand how it feels to be like in as much as empathy is concerned. I listened to her most of the time, and when I thought she’s more open to possibilities, I started employing the technique of social persuasion. Not only did I dont-give-up1give her pieces of advice and encouraging words, but I also sought the help of my co-workers. I believe that if everyone will show overt support to her, she will consider retaking the said exam. Since it is held twice a year, we asked her to take the coming exam. I know it won’t be easy to commit and so I think I became the best judge ever during that time in helping her out decide when to retake it. I didn’t instruct her, I just offered her the choices coupled with pros and cons.Advice

The story will be so long if I will come into every minute detail of it. To make it short, she then took the licensure for the second time, have it passed, and have us treated with special dinner. I was even surprised with the item I received during that dinner. I never imagined that I became so big part of that success. I think I just gave her words of encouragement as a good friend, but to her, I gave her the chance


of fighting again. OMG, I almost cried. I suddenly miss her. I know you’re so happy that you’re finally wearing the uniform of the hospital you dreamt of for so long.  And I’m happier for that achievement.


I love you Jane, RN! Kudos!


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