Models and Mentors of My Life

Models and Mentors of My Life

I owe a lot to so many people for helping me become the person I am right now. As explained by the Social Learning Theory, some of our learned behaviors resulted from constant interaction with the environment through which we tend to imitate other persons we usually observe through role modelling. I cannot exactly recall how I did imitate my parental figures before, but as I looked on my childhood photos, I saw couple of pictures of which I really looked like my dad- from the choice of clothes, cap, watch, and even eyeglasses. The picture is as if I am a clone of my dad, and I know I learned lots from him and from others as well.

Well, let me share some of those people I consider influential to my human becoming.




Mom: Arminda Serrano



  • I learned to be neat and organized with my things just like her
  • I learned to sing by watching and imitating her
  • She influenced me on being hardworking and dedicated if I want to achieve something
  • She influenced me to become religious and God-fearing



  • She’s my first teacher who taught me the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic
  • As I begin to show interest to music, she passionately teach me how to be a better singer
  • She instilled to me the values of “Giving thanks to God for whatever it is that’s happening. Everything has a purpose,” as she used to say
  • “Finish whatever you’ve started. Never give up and keep on trying,” this is what I considered most important philosophical value I learned from my mom



Dad: Reynaldo Flores



  • I truly acquire my fashion of clothing and choice of watch from him
  • I learned to cook several dishes because of my dad
  • I learned how to love my siblings and become supportive to them just like how he treats us



  • He taught me how to be simple in almost everything. Keeping one’s feet on the ground I guess is his most important lesson imparted to me
  • I learned the basics of driving by his teachings



High School Teacher: Mrs. Erlinda Arguson



  • I learned to be good (if not so fluent) in the use of the English language most especially when it comes to sophisticated pronunciation. I really admire her though I can’t meet her level in English    😀
  • She also exhibits a very humble and simple way of living which I try to adopt both being a student and professional



  • I will never forget how Ma’am Arguson encouraged me to maximize my potentials and skills by boosting my self-esteem
  • She taught me that nothing will happen if I will continue to doubt my own abilities. I won’t forget what she exactly did for me to join the different campus organization in school
  • I also learned from her the values of being the best “evaluator” of your own learning, apart from being so grade-conscious. She said that grades are just numbers. It will never define one’s level of understanding



Models and Mentors of My Life


The Type of Role Model I Want to Be for My Students

Describe which characteristics and behaviors you believe are the most important for you to model for your students.

With this soon-to-be profession, I want to be remembered not only by my abilities to perform the tasks better but rather with the following attributes:


  • Dedication and Genuine Passion for Teaching

-I believe that students can discern whether their teachers are doing the job just to finish it or because they really intend to facilitate learning among the students. With this, I want to be one who shows interest in my chosen profession. I know it’s never easy to study, and so students need to have the idea that their teachers are also exerting best efforts


  • Unending Eagerness to Learn More

-At some point of my life, I displayed little disappointment to some of my previous teachers. They keep on saying that we need to study harder for us to achieve our dreams. While I truly believe with the morals they are trying to impart, it’s just disgusting that you can’t see this among them as teachers. They try to make us competent in our chosen field but sometimes they can’t acknowledge their own “incompetence.” It‘s so easy to say what you want, but harder to put it in practice. My point is, if you want your students to value education, then continue to learn as  well and update your competencies as educator.


  • Being Non-conventional Teacher

-By this term I am referring to being different in employing various teaching strategies in the classroom setting. I believe being the discussant for the entire class period is not that good idea compared to facilitating activities that would bring out the best potentials of the students. Instead of reporting the content of the lesson plan, I prefer to devise ways that will further enhance their comprehension and application skills regarding the topic at hand.


How I Will Incorporate Models and Mentors in My Classroom? Describe a systematic plan for bringing models and mentors into your students’ lives in one or more domain(s) you plan to teach, such as math, English, science, music, and so on.

Subject to teach: Health Sciences

  • I will begin the class by briefly defining health and asking students’ input on this along with giving statistics about the health conditions of the Filipinos
  • I will then ask them any famous figures or personalities who suffered from serious health problems followed by those who are considered “healthy and fit”
  • Then, I will let them examine their own health status in a simpler perspective particularly those practices that positively or negatively affect their health conditions I general
  •  Lastly, I will introduce the “models and mentors” concept in the class by thinking of the persons who contributed in their health-related beliefs and practices. This will be interesting for sure as we have so many beliefs (be it scientific or superstitious) when it comes to health


Who Will Be My Education Mentor? What Would My Ideal Education Mentor Be Like?

  • Do you have someone in mind who might serve as an education mentor when you become a teacher? If so, describe the person.

Still I am thinking of my idol teacher Mrs. Erlinda R. Arguson. She is my former 3rd year high school adviser and English teacher for almost 2 years. Much has been said about her adequate abilities and competence in delivering the subjects handled. But what makes her more inspiring for me is her humanistic approach in dealing with her students and colleagues, along with her values that usually center on Christian living. She always believes that whatever happens, good or bad, we have to thank God and praise Him. Further, as an educator, she has instilled to most of us that learning encompasses broader aspects of understanding beyond achieving good grades in school. What is more important is that one can successfully apply and integrate whatever he learns in his course of living, with the goal of helping other people.

To date, we are very close to one another and she keeps on inspiring and supporting me to pursue more and utilize my potentials in realizing my dreams. As I do my work as a lecturer, I somehow embrace and portray the values and philosophies I learned from her.


  • What would your ideal education mentor be like?


M-motivated to do the “extra mile” in teaching

E– enthusiastic in bringing up positive behavioral change among learners

N-noble in uplifting the values of the profession

T-theoretically adept with the subject matter being handled

O-open to new ideas and optimistic about changes

R– responsible in ensuring quality learning experiences


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