Where Did I Get My Milk?

There’s this discussion forum which is very timely- not because we’re discussing intelligence as part of the module but also because the issue can be observed almost everyday. It’s about the idea that formula milks can make infants and even pre-schoolers intelligent. The discussion was initiated by classmate Sealdi Calo-Gonzales.


Truly, there are so many commercially-prepared and available milk products in the market that boast their unique components of how to make child brighter, stronger and so many more. Interestingly, many of my classmates shared their experiences and thoughts on this topic.

Regina Josephine Anne Pe Benito shared her experience of using formula milk to her eldest daughter basically because she was encouraged by the promising TV commercials of that milk. She was then encouraged to do breastfeeding on her youngest as advocated by the hospital where she gave birth. _48499454_003761588-1Comparing her two children, she said that there’s no distinct difference in their intelligence, but she did notice difference in the immune system of her children. Her daughter who was breastfed since birth up to 4 years is more resistant to common diseases like cough and colds than her daughter who was bottle-fed.

With this observation, I have to say that there are so many factors that need to be considered before concluding any associated effect on either way of feeding (formula VS breatsmilk). Especially, that couple of years have passed, chances of intervening variables to play are very high. Environmental factors for instance may explain the difference why one is more susceptible to such disease over the other. Definitely, these children grew up with different experiences.

got-breastmilk-onesieAccording to Ryan Michael Oducado, studies show that breastmilk promotes brain and IQ development. In  a seven-year study by researchers at Jagiellonian University Medical College in Poland, findings show that children breast-fed longer than six months scored a 3.8-point IQ margin over those who were bottle-fed (Fields, n.d.). Further, at the end of every commercial is the statement “breastmilk is still best for babies up tp 2 years of age”, although this is streamlined and highlighted. It has been accepted by most people that breastmilk is far superior than any formula milk available in the market. To add on this, stronger immune system is really one of the advantages of breastfeeding due to the presence of immunoglobulins that are being acquired by the newborn from the breastmilk. It is indeed important in building the foundation of the baby’s immune system in fighting infections and common sickness.

While there’s this chance of misleading the viewers about what formula milk can offer to their children, I think the responsibility lies both to the viewers themselves and the regulating body that screens the article-new_ehow_images_a07_1e_t7_increase-baby_s-iq-800x800content of such commercials. TV advertisements may be so tempting especially when endorse by the most sought-after personalities, but it is still prudent to learn and know more before using the seen products. Everyone is welcome to ask anyway. 😀


Sealdi Calo-Gonzales.Milk commercials and Intelligence. Retrieved June 18, 2013 from http://myportal.upou.edu.ph/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=49959


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