IQ VS EQ VS RQ: Which is which?

imagesIQ VS EQ has long been a battle as to which is a better determinant of success. IQ for the most part measures one’s level of intelligence or cognition which may include verbal, memory, mathematical, spatial, and reasoning among others. Emotional intelligence is defined by Robert Cooper and Ayman Sawaf in their book, Executive EQ, as “the ability to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions as a source of human energy, information, connection and influence.”

Then as I gather some expert opinions on this, I found out the term “RQ” which according to them is also important in achieving success just like IQ and EQ. It was coined by Dr. Charles Fombrun, Founder of the Reputation Institute. He has learned that the most successful companies and those that can endure great challenges all have one thing in common – strong reputations or high RQ.

Now, which is which if we’re about to choose only one? Will you go for IQ, EQ, or RQ? IQ-vs-EQ

I actually started this forum as we discuss the different concepts and theoretical foundations relevant to intelligence. Interestingly, I was able to gather many insights from my classmates’ responses. Some of those are as follows:

Just like what Jessica Mae Ylagan and Ryan Michael Oducado said, High IQ + High EQ + High RQ are the foundation to become successful. No doubt on this thing. In fact, many experts and authors like William Arruda have supported this formula.

But my question is, is this something realistic among all people? I mean, not everyone is given the gift of having high IQ. Would that mean they can no longer succeed in their endeavour as they lack one of the ingredients in the formula? Definitely I have to say no. I repeatedly emphasized that we can always capitalize on the aspect that is high on us (say EQ) in   order to positively influence the other  two (IW and RQ).

Just like what Maria Eden “Eden” Pangan, there should be balance among the three factors. But when opted to choose ONLY one, she said it will be having more of EQ. Further, she added that intelligence can be learned through study and practice and therefore, IQ is something that can be acquired by anyone.  But not everyone can display a high sense of EQ especially when faced with pressures and struggles.  Thus for her, the strength of character and being grounded on values are far more important than what is inside his head.

images (1)I agree with her points. As I’ve replied, I think it’s a good investment to have the energy and ability to relate well with other people. Through proper social interaction, we can build a good sense of reputation and self-worth. Likewise, we can always learn from others as we share their experiences. So with this view, I am positive that an individual with high EQ will have better chances of also having adequate levels of RQ and IQ.


While the formula of having “high” levels on these three important aspects of one’s living is the perfect one to achieve success, it is still possible to do so by “balancing” whatever gifts that were given to us. After all, success is not definite; it is relative and indeed dynamic.



Reynaldo S. Flores Jr. IQ VS EQ VS RQ: Which is which? Retrieved June 18, 2013 from


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