Can I Buy Intelligence?

Does the child’s family financial status affect intelligence?

financialA1Upon first glance at the above question raised by Roshiley Tlisityak, most of us will readily have a view on this either positively affirming or denying the impact of financial status in one’s intelligence and subsequent success in the later life. Honestly, I have a positive thought on this issue as I carry the old saying that goes Hindi hadlang ang kahirapan para sa tagumpay ng isang tao.”

Those rich students who can afford to go to well-known and well-equipped schools already hav


e the advantage of enjoying quality learning materials. For the most part, they will be given sufficient books, manuals, study, guides, etc. On the other side, those who live in the poverty line may find it difficult to guarantee a perfect attendance in class due to many reasons. Admittedly, it has an impact on one’s motivation towards learning. Now comes the role of the student himself on how he’s going to take the challenge of being financially unstable. I believe it can make or break or his goal.

images (3)“Hindi hadlang ang kahirapan sa tagumpay ng buhay.” These were the words I used to hear as part of the valedictory address or speech of honor students among public schools. It is never new to us to know that poor students even perform better in school compared to others who live well. One thing that is common among them is their “eagerness or motivation” to study harder. For them, poverty is not a hindrance but rather an opportunity to maximize their strengths and resources. As supported by Maria Aster Joy “Aster” Garcia, she mentioned that although some students are financially challenged, they still have the determination, motivation and positive outlook that they can succeed in life.  Indeed, she really admires those individuals.  They believe that there is still hope in every challenge.

Further, Criselda “Aprile” Liwanag states that the financial status of a person does not really influence how a person develops his intelligence. The financial status of a person becomes a motivation for those images (2)who are financial challenged. They make it a point to strive harder than those who are well off or can afford. In the end, she stressed that it really depends on the person if they would nurture their gift; otherwise it would just go to waste regardless of their financial status.

So for me, financial status may have some bearing on acquiring intelligence but not in a strict cause and effect relationship. In the end, success still depends on one’s goal setting and the means a person actively seeks to make it a reality.


Roshiley Tilistyak. Financial Status and Intelligence. Retrieved June 18, 2013 from


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