I Learn this Way

After studying Module 4: Intelligence, the following are my answers on the suggested guide questions:

What strategies do you use to learn?

  • Couple of times I’ve mentioned that I used to study my lessons while listening to music. I usually play songs that are lively in nature to keep me alive and going on my studies.music-graphics-listening-to-music-099211
  • imagesI usually study my lessons when the noise level is at minimum; late night and early morning.
  • Further, I do make outline and summary of the learning materials at hand. For me, I can easily absorb the substance of the materials if they are [resented in the manner I want to see them (usually bulleted in 2 column-style)
  • I also study my lessons intermittently in a way that I’m not exhausting myself in long hours of continuous studying. Usually, I study for 2 hours followed by 15-30 minutes of rest where I spend it just lying or eating light snacks


How do you know how well you have learned; what are your indicators of learning? 

  • I usually “mini-discuss” the concepts or lessons that I’ve just reviewed or studied in a way that I’m like teaching it to others. I even face the mirror and watch myself reciting some of the important concepts I learned
  • Sometimes (kapag sinisipag), I go back to the learning objectives  usually written at the beginning of the chapter/module to know and evaluate if I were able to meet them after reviewing the materials
  • I also take  the end-of-chapter exams or quiz as available in the learning materials
  • Lastly, I have the general “sense” if my efforts exerted were enough to gather the essence of the topics at hand. I can feel if something is “missing or lacking,” and so I will have to study more.


According to your learning strategies, where do you (in practice) seem to stand in the nature-nurture debate?

I still have to say that it’s a combination of both my inherited abilities and the environmental factors surrounding me. I have this tendency of learning better when music is part of my learning strategy (musical intelligence) which somehow is also evident among my siblings.

cartoonFor the most part, I believe environmental influences play bigger on my mode of learning. I have the preferred time of the day to study, also the place where i am most comfortable at, and many more. I know I won’t be able to concentrate in a crowded and noisy place. Much of the things I consider essential for optimum learning lie on having a nurturing environment. Likewise, I also utilize the principles of “reinforcement” where I reward myself for every progress that I make relevant to my learning goals. I believe that this is still part of the atmosphere that “conditions” and facilitates my learning experiences to the fullest.


4 thoughts on “I Learn this Way

  1. Hi! You’re doing some catch up on your blog entries. As for me, I’m not sure if I can post as much anympre. Still overwhelmed with things. Anyway, I also learn the same way as you do. I like listening to music. The silence can be deafening. 😛

    • Yeah right. I’m doing a catch-up entries. 😀

      It’s not that easy. Lol. I guess it’s more important to ensure you understand pretty well the topics discussed than being able to posts many entries here. Don’t find me defensive. Haha. I’ll try my best to do this!

      Keep going! 😀

  2. Yeah. In fact I’m finishing so many reports and paper works. Well, that’s life and we have to deal with it. Haha. I know we can because we should. Haha.. I promise to drop by at our classmates’ blog pages soon. Haha.

    God bless us! Keep in touch!

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