This Is My Desire :D

Kung gusto mo talagang magturo sa High School e pwede ka namang pumasok sa School ng kamag-anak natin. Tatanggapin ka naman do’n sigurado kahit hindi eduction ang natapos mo. Hindi mo na kailangan pang mahirapan dyan sa online studies mo.”woman-talking


The statement above was exactly the words I’ve heard twice from my mom every time I share my experiences to her as a DE student of UPOU. Hindi ko alam kung matutuwa ba ako dahil trabaho na agad ito na pinapangarap ko, o medyo mag-aalinlangan sa kakayahan ko kung sakaling tanggapin ko nga. Truly, I consider myself competent and qualified enough to teach in the secondary level of basic education. My experience in teaching in a review center is somehow similar to the picture of being a school teacher. In addition, based on the new provisions of contained in the K-12 program act, I can enter the teaching profession even without passing the LET provided that I will be working on a part-time basis.


However, I’m looking on the positive side of gaining more professional competence in the field I’m going to enter. I know there’s still a lot to attain. And I am more than willing to hone my skills further as I believe not only me will benefit on this, but more importantly my future students. For me, to be a teacher is to be dedicated in delivering quality education among young learners. It is far more than providing knowledge or whatever it is that is supposed to be provided. It’s indeed a passion of creating fruitful and productive learning opportunities for many, so that we can help them reach their fullest potentials. Undoubtedly, teaching is the noblest profession.


cartoonSo, to answer my mom’s suggestion, I would still prefer to continue my journey here in UPOU as a learner. I know the program still has lots to offer to us. Within few weeks of studying, I already gained many points of understanding. I’m even more excited for the coming activities and topics. Challenging it may seem, but I’m more than willing to face it with all my capacities. I know I’m not alone with this battle. The support of my DE classmates is really one good thing. I know we can make it. And I hope everyone will finish the race. After all, we’re doing this for the glory of God Almighty.


May God bless us all! Happy learning! 😀


6 thoughts on “This Is My Desire :D

  1. I admire your determination, Rhed! Like you, my co-workers are always telling me to quit because I may not use it because of my age. I keep telling them that I can still use my knowledge in some other way – online & private tutoring. With the K to 12, I hope nobody quits to be professional teacher!

  2. Hi Rhed,

    I love the passion you hold for teaching. Your second paragraph actually got me a bit emotional back there. I actually share the same belief.

    And I do agree with you on how this course has taught us a lot about learning and teaching. Truth of the matter is, the learnings I have gained in the few weeks of having this course is so much more than what my four years in college ever taught me. Truly amazing and rich wealth of knowledge for a short amount of time.

    If only the course duration was much longer and not crammed within a few weeks, then we would have ample time for each module (to dissect, go over and take a deep dive) and for it not to seem too demanding given the fact that most of us are juggling several things at a time.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing this insight. It’s very encouraging. 🙂

    • Hello Rain.

      Yeah you’re right. The course is a bit overwhelming but very fruitful. Saying that couple of weeks of learning through this program is more than what we’ve learned in college may seem exaggerated, but I AGREE with you. In fact, i felt amazed with the many opportunities of understanding already presented to us. And I know there are so much more to come.

      I just hope we won’t be stressed by these things especially that the “integration and final exams” are coming. Mild anxiety only please! Lol. Keep going classmate! 😀

  3. Hi Rhed,
    You have an excellent determination and I congratulate you for that. Unlike you who immediately knew your passion for teaching, it is only recently that I have accepted wholeheartedly that I am for teaching and I am fulfilled when I am inside the classroom and touching young people’s lives.

    This is my third attempt to gain my education units, the first two where from different universities, the first one needed at least two weeks of interaction and the second one was classroom based, but my only goal that time is to have education units so I can have the qualification and that’s it, however, this time my goal is to have the qualification to teach so that I can reach more students, so I am not only tied in one school, so I can teach most importantly those who came from the marginalized society.

    Your determination inspired me to push thru to this course and always aim for my goal.

    As we say it in a Bosconian way “Ad Miora Natus” — We are born for greater things 🙂

    • Hi there classmate!

      Glad that you were at least inspired by my passion towards teaching. Thanks for those words as well. I am wishing for everyone’s success not only here with our professional education units, but more importantly on being competent and effective educators. I admire your vision of seeing yourself helping the marginalized sectors of the society. A genuine concern and vocation indeed.

      Way to go! God bless us! 😀

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