As a Teacher, How do I motivate my Students?

No doubt that motivation, whether intrinsic or extrinsic in nature plays a major role in one’s learning. As to myself being a review lecturer, I always make sure that the entire class is motivated enough before we start a new session of brain-stimulating discussion.

rosary-07Reviewing for their licensure examination is almost the biggest challenge for most of them. They need to pass it in order to practice their aspired profession. Knowing such, I know that my students are already motivated even before I enter their room. One thing I consider an edge of the center I’m working with is their daily prayers, rosary, and “devotional” sessions being led by two students. If my class will start at 8:00 AM, they are all gathered in the room as early as 7:00 AM to begin their daily “motivating rituals” (as they call it this way). I know from my heart that it’s really powerful for I did the same during my time.

Though this was the usual scenario I used to encounter before I start, I still actively do my part to motivate them further. I believe there’s nothing wrong if they will be so eager to learn to the fullest. I usually present inspirational videos about failures and success which later I relate to my own or others’ experiences. It’s such a wonderful and elating feeling to see their eyes glowing because of hope and added inspiration. No wonder why we achieved such a harmonious learning atmosphere. I know this is one way of boosting their “inner drive” towards attaining their goals.


On the other hand, I’m also fond of employing behavioral system of firing their extrinsic motivations. For instance, I used to give rewards or incentives to the topnotchers in my major exam/drill (this actually made them think that I’m earning big from this career, BUT NOT so. I’m just generous  :D). With my observation, every time I inform them that that particular exam will be prized, moneytheir scores tend to be higher and closer to one another compared to the usual drills where the scores are just to be recorded. Hmmm…. Anyway, this is not always the case. I know they are well-motivated with or without the presence of these stuffs. For after all, the greatest reward that they will be receiving is their “license” to practice their chosen filed.

Today, as they answer the last two parts of their licensure examination proper, I am confident that they will all successfully pass and even top the board exam, not because we provided them with enough knowledge, but because we facilitated a genuine attitude and perspective to each one of them. Knowledge may put them in the passing line, but faith, values and humility will even bring them at the top.


To all my students, enjoy the second day of your examination. God will always guide you all. As we’ve agreed upon, no matter what the results will be, we will still honor and praise His glory. Congratulations and claim the victory! 😀 😀 😀   God bless us!


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