What We Say in Paperless Learning

This discussion was initiated by Pamela Rose “Pam” Flores that captured the interest of many. She said that paperless society is encouraged in order to help save the environment (by minimizing the use of tress). The question is if this is possible while still promoting optimum learning.

Paperless trainingMost of the responses I’ve read were a combination of pros and cons of paperless education. I like Rommel Diaz consider the traditional hard-copy materials as my comfort zone. I’m used to it and I know I learn better with it. Likewise, some of us like Jules used to jot down notes in the book or reading material itself or making highlights to emphasize important details (I think this can also be done in PDF files but I don’t know how :D).

On the other hand, eye discomfort due to prolonged eye contact with computer screens and the like was one of the top reasons why electronic mode of studying is not that highly preferred. I too experience the same thing most especially at night.

Of all the responses posted, let me quote what Ma. Cristina De Los Reyes shared in the forum. These are excerpts from the writings of Former CHED Chairman Fr. Rolando de la Rosa, OP. It goes as “The Philippines has become “a nation of 80 million cabled, cell phoned, ipod-ed and webbed couched potatoes…Today many young people grow up clueless about anything that did not come from the Internet. Considered as the ultimate source of revelation and knowledge, the Internet can verify or falsify, justify or nullify any notion, rumor or issue. Ask people how they came to believe or espouse a particular idea. Their predictable answer is: “I got it from the Internet.” God has blessed us with a big, wondrous earth to unravel. Let us not allow television and the Internet to transform it into a small world, fit for people who think little.”

For the most part, changes brought about by technological advancement always depend on the appreciation of an individual. We all know that we are highly diverse who came from different generations, and this may partly explain why we have different “says” on the aforementioned issue. For me, studying and learning must be one that is comfortable and enjoyable. It’s not required to always go with the flow if it will just compromise your learning experiences.

Happy learning! 😀



Pamela Rose “Pam” Flores. Paper Less Learning. Retrieved May 28, 2013 from http://myportal.upou.edu.ph/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=46147


2 thoughts on “What We Say in Paperless Learning

  1. I think this can also be done in PDF files but I don’t know how ). — tap on a certain word then a list will appear ten choose highlight. 🙂 (tama ba?) well, that’s what I do. hehe.

    Btw, I hope your students pass the NLE. 🙂

  2. Thanks there Maggi… 😀
    I tried doing what you’ve suggested and it works (yellow highlight)!
    I just wonder if we can choose other colors since I’m into at least 3 different colors whenever I highlight my notes or reading materials… 😀

    Thanks again Maggi. I do hope so. I am more nervous than my students! Nyaiks! 😀

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