Learning Styles Evolve as One Grows Up

Much has been said about the concepts of learning styles. Instead of refining what exactly it is, I think the focus should be placed more on how to effectively utilize these factors to learn better.

As stated in the article (web.cortland.edu), learning style can also be described as a set of factors, behaviors, and attitudes that facilitate learning for an individual in a given situation. It is true that there’s a particular style one can used depending on the learning content to be acquired. For instance, being an auditory learner is not applicable at all times like watching a return demonstration of a procedure for it requires keen observation as well. Like in the discussion forum I have participated in, Lylah dela Cruz stated that learning styles of the students should not be the primary consideration of the teachers in making their teaching strategies. Instead, the content of the material should determine which teaching strategy is best to use. I totally agree with this one. It talks about modifying one’s ability to learn and strategize as the situation calls for it.

learning stylesIn the same article, it says that styles influence how students learn, how teachers teach, and how the two interact.  Each person is born with certain tendencies toward particular styles, but these biological or inherited characteristics are influenced by culture, personal experiences, maturity level, and development. As a child grows and matures his or her brain grows, develops and matures. As time passes the way a child learns best may change significantly. This is an ultimate guiding principle for educators to consider so that learning can be maximized without being enclosed in a small box. Learning style matures in as much as everyone does so.

With this in mind, we, aspiring teachers will be more guided as we start to prepare the techniques we’re going to use in the near time. God bless us! 😀


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2 thoughts on “Learning Styles Evolve as One Grows Up

  1. I agree with you that our learning styles change as we mature. Of course, our motivation and the situation at hand also play important factors. The main point is be aware of how we best learn and capitalize it until we reach our goal. There is no such thing as right or wrong learning styles. It all depends on how you tackle a learning task given your intrinsic desire and extrinsic stimuli. Knowing the way our future students learn, we can adapt our teaching styles with them in order to achieve each other’s goal. Happy learning, Rhed!

    • Precisely Pons! 😀

      Let’s build a strong foundation on these concepts to be more effective and productive professional educators in the soonest time. Hope to hear more from you! God bless 😀

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