To Teach Is To Touch Students’ Lives

Teacher RhedIt is never too late to achieve what you really desire of becoming. Admittedly, I was forced to take up nursing just because my parents wanted me to become one. Never in my childhood did I dream about it. Since they are the ones who will support my finances in schooling, I was left with only one choice- to continue schooling by following the course they imposed.

Nowadays, I know that to attend college is one privilege. I tried my best to be a good one. I thought I would learn to love nursing. I like reaching out with others but I know not through this profession. To cut it short, I graduated with flying colors and even made a remarkable achievement in the licensure examination. I’m trying to convince myself that these are already “signs” from above that nursing is really meant for me. I was able to be trained in one of the country’s respected world-class medical institutions; in fact, I was hired after the training period. Asking me to sign the contract made me think more than a hundred times. I know if I did, I will have to perform the duties and responsibilities half-heartedly for a long period of time. Until I realized that there’s really a calling inside of me. To be engaged in the noblest profession. To teach. To be part of others’ dreams. I know I missed an opportunity that very seldom knocks, but I firmly believe I’m moving closer to God’s intention for me. Others used to say “sobrang sayang!” that I let a good nursing career passed, but I am certain there’s something far better awaiting me.

In my dream of becoming a professional teacher, I want to be viewed in a very simple way. One who is capable of actually educating my students, and not merely impressing them with my abilities. For me, a teacher’s role doesn’t end by simply imparting the lessons the students need to learn. More than this is to create a harmonious relationship with them, in an effort to bring positive behavioral changes on their part. I was once a student, and so I know how to empathize with them. I know they would prefer an average teacher who knows how to touch their lives, rather than a very knowledgeable one who cares less. It takes a genuine attitude and dedication to become a real educator. Not everything is learned from the book. Experiences give us better lessons, and we have to use them as guide in facilitating better learning outcomes.

With this in mind, I am hoping that I will deserve the privilege and honor to be included in the roster of Registered Professional Teachers in the country in the near time. I know God perfectly put me in this position, and He will never let anyone fail as He promised. May God bless us all!   😀


3 thoughts on “To Teach Is To Touch Students’ Lives

  1. Hi! My hunch is right. You are a topnotcher, right? 😀 And are you referring to St. Luke’s Medical Center? 🙂

    Right now, what’s keeping you busy?

    Well, it is never too late to pursue what you really wanted, and that is to teach right? But then, even if we’re not really teachers, we can teach and share our knowledge to others if we really want to, di ba?

    Do you plans of teaching overseas? 🙂

    • Wow. Hmmm… Without intention of bragging up, yes you’re hunches are pretty right. 😀

      I totally agree with you. It’s never too late to pursue what we really desire of doing. Most especially if you believe you can contribute more in that soon to be field. Presently, i’m still having my lecture sessions in the review center. Just got finished now actually. 😀 My work is seasonal and it will end this Sunday as the exams will be held on June 2 and 3. In line with this, I want to be engaged in a full time teaching career.

      Hope to hear more from you! Thanks Maggi! 😀 God bless 😀

      • Wow! Ang aga pala ng NLE this year. Kaya pala. My friend was asking me if I wanted to become a proctor for the exams. However, he informed me medyo late na because the orientation is coming up, and I already have plans for that day.

        I wanted to try out that kind of work, being a reviewer and all… although I am not sure if there is a particular topic I am good at. o.o

        Looking forward for more news and chika from you. 😀

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